Conversations on Ethical Responsibility

About contributing to sustainable tourism:
  • personJancarla
    Jancarla, owner of Bolivia said:

    “Local communities would be the first to benefit from the economic development, our business plan has a sustainable development approach, its key for us to take into consideration the economic, environmental and social impact.”

    She also said:

    “It’s really exciting to see it all coming together so soon, there is a really good expectation locally for this development; the fact that our implementation plan is based on a sustainable development approach makes it very friendly and its opening so many doors with key people.”
About being environmentally conscious:
  • personJancarla
    Jancarla, owner of Bolivia said:

    “Tourism as an industry gives us the chance to be responsible and look after the environment, and help less developed communities... I think that preserving the environment and authenticity of destinations it's really important for the very nature of tourism.”
About acknowledging and rewarding ideas:
  • personKeenan
    Keenan, founder of NeoTripper said:

    "I really believe in acknowledging efforts that improve the network and rewarding those efforts too so that will be an ongoing thing".
  • personJancarla
    Jancarla, owner of Bolivia replied:

    "This is a great initiative and will benefit everyone! I truly believe in the positive impacts of a recognition work culture".
About helping those around us:
  • personKeenan
    Keenan, Managing Director of NeoTripper said:

    "We should think about creating another company/ fund for our family and friends and everyone can contribute to the pot from their own company/ earnings and then the youngers or elders can request funds for things like: debts, mortgages, investments and new ventures".
  • personMichael
    Michael, Technical Director of NeoTripper replied:

    "That's it! My dream is to be able to provide for things like that".

    "Also, I had an idea earlier, of starting a company that invests in startups (after reviewing applications)".

    "In my church alone there are about 10 good start ups but none of them have capital or networks etc.
    I'm not saying that would be our main focus but we could at least offer investment to local businesses of our choice every now and then".
  • personThijs
    Thijs de Boer, Business Development Director of NeoTripper said in a separate conversation:

    "One of the things that caught my attention to NeoTripper is the aim of helping local communities, one side of it is the obvious commercial aspect and building communities and connecting people and places".

    "On the other hand it's the less known social aspect, its my aim to help people in need, being based in the UK, I would like to focus on the homeless. I am a big believer in the fact that everyone deserves a second chance".

    "There are so many people living on the streets that are dying to get that chance!
    My focus would go to providing those in need of a safe place, a place to have a registered address and a place to push the “reset” button".

    "A fresh haircut, clothes to wear to go on an interview or use my network to help those individuals to the first step in the right direction".