Case studies

  • placeForming Partnerships locally


    Jancarla Ribera Salvatierra is the proud owner of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the most popular tourist destination (in terms of visitors) in Bolivia.

    Prior to owning her NeoCity; Jancarla spent 4 years working for the largest tourist providers in Bolivia. During this time, her networks grew organically and that, combined with her passion for sustainable tourism development in Bolivia drove her to start looking for an opportunity in the tourism industry, with an organisation whose values were perfectly aligned with her own i.e. NeoTripper.

    After weeks of relentless researching, planning and communicating; Jancarla became the franchise owner of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, and in that same week she agreed to collaborate with both the local government and the local tourism boards.


    Jancarla has a strong understanding of the perception of Bolivia, and the role that this perception has in attracting and/ or failing to attract a larger proportion of global travellers to this beautiful region per year.

    Jancarla, like many of us, understand that Santa Cruz de la Sierra, and Bolivia as a whole has incredible value and so much untapped potential. By identifying the problem that is perception and ill-education, given that some people do not even know where Bolivia is, as a reason why Bolivia is not what it could be, it gave her an aim, which was to change the perception of Bolivia. Once that target was there, it was important that she hit it and to do this she realised that the best and most precise way would be to form long lasting and meaningful relationships with partners that have similarly aligned values.


    Hitting these targets requires both a long term vision and the presence of mind to be able to move step by step.

    Jancarla’s steps to success were:

    Step 1 - Training

    Completed her technical training so she could become an expert in the platform and have the chance to discuss technicalities. During these initial training sessions she and Michael Clarke, the Technical Director identified scope for new critical and necessary developments.

    Step 2 - Developments

    As a direct result of Jancarla’s market research analysis, local knowledge, and advice from bank managers; 2 new developments were started.

    These developments improve the platform as a whole, and provide more value to the entire network of franchisee owners; and their network of vendors and merchants; and the entire tripper community. This is because everyone’s values are aligned.

    Development 1 - Payments

    Jancarla explained the needs regarding the currencies accepted by local merchants and vendors and the currencies widely used by visiting and local travel customers. The need for a global payout system, in order to achieve the goal of sustainable tourism development was shared and deemed critical so NeoTripper LTD started developing that solution immediately.

    Development 2 - Bundle deals

    Jancarla explained the needs of the international traveller, in that they need to visit the best experiences, points of interest, and they will also need transport to and from their accommodation site.

    Jancarla and other franchises especially in developing markets like Bolivia, needed this bundle deal option so we deemed it a necessary task and started developing it as soon as the payout system development was completed.

    Step 3 - Collaborations

    Wasting no time, Jancarla carried on adding value to her network by forming partnerships with the key stakeholders in her city.

    These key stakeholders were:

    ● Local tourism office.
    ● Local government.
    ● Valued experience providers.


    As a direct result of communicating value effectively, Jancarla has:
    ● Collaborated with the local tourism office.
    ● Collaborated with the local government.
    ● Collaborated with a valued festival organiser and the local community for a breathtaking festival in a forest.


    Collaborations on this scale between organisations such as NeoTripper Santa Cruz de la Sierra and local tourism offices can only ever happen if the values that both parties share are aligned. It is detrimental trying to collaborate with organisations if you do not share the same values because at some point, the luck will run out.

    It is also important to consider the importance of effective communication between the people that have active roles in the organisations that you want to collaborate with. If that understanding is there on a personal level, authentic relationships can come out of it and it is those relationships that stand the test of time. It is important not to hide behind a brand or an organisation. You must be the face of it, the proud representative and if you are speaking to someone who is not proud of their organisation, you should end those discussions immediately. Positivity is a must, and in the experience industry, where everyone is a guest who’s experience you want to make, a positive impact must be had and this is interesting because that positive impact can go a long way.

    And as an owner of a NeoCity, the understanding is that the true potential of that city will be unlocked, and thus, the role of NeoTripper LTD is to build the infrastructure that allows all cities to thrive, and to continually research, develop, and analyse/ optimise the product so we can collaborate with franchises to continually push the boundaries and set new standards for sustainable tourism development.


    With large festivals like the one Jancarla is collaborating on, large numbers of trippers come to visit so if NeoTripper WiFi is offered at the venue or in nearby places, it means that those trippers can be challenged to do more things and visit more places nearby.

    This is exciting because it means that:
    ● Local businesses could get more visiting customers.
    ● Local tour providers get more bookings.
    ● Places can cover the cost of their WiFi.

    Written by: Keenan Clarke
    Position: Managing Director
    Date published: 24/07/2019
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  • placeBuilding local teams internationally


    Rome Panitkuljuljukkawal is the owner of Staarbridge Hotel Management Company. Staarbridge owns multiple NeoCities across multiple countries in Asia.Introduction Rome Panitkuljuljukkawal is the owner of Staarbridge Hotel Management Company. Staarbridge owns multiple NeoCities across multiple countries in Asia.

    In order to be successful, Staarbridge would have to recruit staff with the same core values as those NeoTripper adheres to, to operate seamlessly in different markets in a responsible, scalable, and economical manor.


    As a hotel management company, Staarbridge were excellently positioned to be able to use their own wealth of knowledge, expertise, and networks to partner with vendors and merchants. The aim is for all cities to be successful and exceed their targets, so Rome worked closely with Keenan Clarke, the Managing Director of NeoTripper LTD to plan the organisational structure, and outline the strategy and ensure that the values are aligned. He also worked closely with Thijs De Boer who helped him to make the tactics to ensure the strategy would be executed and then Rome started recruiting for his network.


    Rome rightly acknowledged the fact that he would have to build a team to operate his cities, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to become a franchise owner because the workload would have been too high and thus, the success of those cities would be hindered.

    Therefore, Rome had to take the following steps to ensure the operational success of his NeoCities:

    Step 1 - Talent

    Country managers

    Rome decided that he would have two tiers of management. The top tier being country managers who oversee national operations, form strategic partnerships and ensure the goals are met and the values are being adhered to.

    City managers

    City managers create local relationships with the local stakeholders in their assigned city. This ensures that there is always a local presence, with local knowledge, and a love for their local community because that passion is what makes each and every NeoCity successful.

    Step 2 - Training


    Ensuring that all managers and new members of the team are fully trained in the platform is absolutely critical to the success of each city. Each new member of the team is trained to know the ins and outs of the technicalities of the platform.

    This knowledge of the platform gives them a deeper understanding which allows them to give better customer service and to make more apt product-development suggestions.


    Ensuring that all managers and new members of the team are fully trained and ready to be operational is absolutely critical to the success of each city. Each new member of the team has an initial consultation to ensure that they are ready to be operational and they have a solid plan of action; and each member of the team can schedule future consultations at no extra cost.

    During the initial consultation, the core-values are emphasised because they epitomise why we are the way that we are.

    During these consultations we also encourage each member to tap into the knowledge that other franchisees have, by using our communication channels that are made accessible to them.

    This creates a culture of understanding and because it is the culture, the knowledge will be shared.


    As a direct result of this new organisational structure and training we have
    ● More networks because each city manager is a professional with local tourism expertise.
    ● More knowledge because each new member of the team shares knowledge with each other on communication channels.
    ● More solutions because each new member of the team has or will have new ideas that improve the network and the product.


    As a company or an investor that owns multiple franchises, the task of managing these cities while meeting our guidelines and adhering to our core values can be extremely difficult and that is because the responsibility is so big.

    Hence, we discuss plans and organisational structures and conduct feasibility checks before anything is agreed. Furthermore, we work closely after agreements have been made because it is absolutely pivotal that each city is successful.

    It’s important to remember that a franchise is a business, so if multiple-territories are owned, with multiple staff, the owner of the franchise needs to be both a recruiter and an HR manager at some point because talent is key, and people make places.


    Having multiple city managers under country managers gives the opportunity for the country managers to:

    ● Hire incredible city managers with the same core values such as: local knowledge, passion and expertise.
    ● Generate leads for city managers.
    ● Distribute leads to city managers.
    ● Form nationwide strategic partnerships.
    ● Launch nationwide PR campaigns.

    It also gives the opportunity for city managers to:
    ● Share leads with each other.
    ● Share tactics with each other.
    ● Motivate each other.

    Written by: Keenan Clarke
    Position: Managing Director
    Date published: 24/07/2019
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  • placeIdentifying the needs for our franchisee expertise


    Thijs de Boer is the business-development director at NeoTripper LTD. However, before assuming this role, he stated his desire to become the proud franchise owner of Edinburgh and Glasgow.


    Like all of our franchisees, he had a strong vision for his NeoCities, and the passion to develop the tourism industry sustainably in those cities.

    As is the case with all potential franchisees, during the initial meetings with Keenan Clarke (the Managing Director), they explored the respective career journeys and paths that led to the then, present moment of the meeting. During this meeting, Thijs explained his B2B/ B2C startup experience in the service sector; and crucially, he told a story about why the last startup that he worked for, couldn’t scale globally, but his solution for this problem, would have allowed the startup to scale globally. This conversation changed everything because his proposed solution was closely aligned to the business model, and he demonstrated all of the core-values that are present across our network.

    Keenan Clarke, knew that Thijs had skills that could benefit the success of all other franchises, and he firmly believed that to be more important than operating Edinburgh and Glasgow. Keenan’s aim, like everyone else’s aim in the network was to see the success of all franchises and he believed that Thijs was the key to that success, however, he would need to create fair equity because that is what NeoTripper believes in.


    The test

    Keenan told Thijs to book his training so he could join the network, but he did not tell Michael that he was thinking about asking him to join internally. Despite this, Michael immediately messaged Keenan as soon as the training was finished to say how impressed he was and to suggest that he should join the team internally.

    This proved that both Keenan’s, Michael’s and That's values were, are and will be strongly aligned.

    Fair equity

    Thijs was delighted to join the team, and commision, Edinburgh and Glasgow were included in the compensation package because we believe in fair equity and we share success.

    The role

    Thijs (informally Ty), started liaising with franchises and the team immediately. Thijs is perfect because:

    ● Being a franchise owner, he knows what each franchise needs.
    ● Being a franchise owner, and internal team member, he can recruit city managers for those cities.
    ● Being the Business Development Director for all Franchises, he can use his own expertise to provide consultations, help with documents and pitches to ensure the success of all franchises.


    As a direct result of Thijs’ appointment, the NeoTripper network was greatly improved. This is because:

    ● Franchises now have a specialist point of contact to help them to develop their business.
    ● Potential franchisees now have to speak to Thijs to ensure that their values, expertise and networks make them the perfect candidate for each city.


    ● Capabilities of this investment and value-generating business model
    ● Tapping into local networks
    ● How much hidden talent is in local networks
    ● Reward/ acknowledgement based culture


    Having a network with exponential growth potential, and having unlimited and unique specialities inside that network is exciting to NeoTripper as a startup because it empowers everyone and encourages them to share, because their opinion is valued and it also enables us to identify the skills that we need internally and create incentives to contract with the people in our network with those required skills. It is like internal recruitment with a phenomenal pool of talent.

    Furthermore, as a result of having an acknowledgement based culture it means that people are active communicators and thus they will:

    ● Make their suggestions and their talents known.
    ● Offer to help other people in the network when they need it.
    ● Ask for help from other people in the network when they need it.

    Written by: Keenan Clarke
    Position: Managing Director
    Date published: 24/07/2019
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