Climb Mt Kilimanjaro the acme of Africa and the worlds freestanding mountain


Product description


What's Included

  • Transfers from the Kilimanjaro Airport or J KA in Nairobi
  • to the mountain entry point
  • Professional linguistic mountain guides Porters-‘Sherpa’s’
  • All foodstuffs
  • water & experienced mountain cooks
  • park entry fees and all government taxes
  • Hut or camping fees and all other necessities for your comfortable ascent.

Special Instructions

BEFORE THE CLIMB; Usually we arrange a buffet Ale-carte dinner at our base camp – lodges or at your hotel, followed by a full briefing by your mountain guide of what you’ll encounter the following week or so. TIPS ON TREKKING GEAR, WHAT TO BRING:- A light rain coat. b Cross trainers. C Shorts & T-shirts. D Sun hat. E Woolen beanie. F Stockings G A water bottle F Summit gear & equipment’s H Study leather or Thermal boots. I Ventex or Gortex jacket & pants. J Fleece pants. K 23 pair Gortex gloves L Long jones. O UV-sunglasses & head torch. P Thermal flask. Q Rack sackduffel bag. R A 10 rated sleeping bag. S A sleeping matt. T Towel &wash cloth U Tooth paste & brush. V Hair brush comb & soap. W Cameras & film and extra batterieschargers. AS YOU START; Normally at the lower altitude you’ll be hiking through the rain forests which showers occasionally giving back to your body the need full coolness, even though it may be a little slippery at times. The lower rain forests are less dependable on the seasonal rain. It`s advisable to were comfortable- ’used’ light climbing boots or sneakers, shorts, woolen stockings and Tshirts or flees, light water proof raincoat, a walking stick plus your water bottle on the first day. During the hike you will carry with you a small back pack containing your camera, films and sunscreen lotions. OTHER CRUCIAL CLIMBING TIPS; Drink as much water as you can while ascending. B Eat sweets, snacks, energy bars, and Lucozade Glucose juices. Optionally, Honey and fruits are a better source of Energy; Fresh Sweet Bananas, Mango, Pineapple, Apples etc. c walk at a slow steady pace-‘pole pole’ Acute Mountain Sickness AMS result from over speeding thus denying your body enough time to acclimatize. Altitude acclimatization is a process of physiological changes that enables the body to adopt to reduced Oxygen availability at high elevation. The Barometric pressure at the Summit of Kili is half that at Sea level and so is the partial


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