Conquer Cusco
Challenge 1

Can you conquer the rainbow mountains?

Challenge 2

Can you see the volcano crater?

Challenge 3

Can you resist the blue lagoon?

Challenge 4

Can you camp near the ruins?

Challenge 5

Can you catch your lunch?

Challenge 6

Can you visit the Temple of The Sun

Challenge 7

Can you paraglide over the sacred valley?

Challenge 8

Can you discover Cusco?

Challenge 9

Can you conquer the South Valley?

Challenge 10

Can you conquer Inti Punku?

Challenge 11

Can you reach the salt mines?

Challenge 12

Can you explore the ruins on a horse?

Challenge 13

Can you ride a horse to the salt mines?

Challenge 14

Can you ride to Pumamarca?

Challenge 15

Can you ride your horse to the waterfall?