Frequently Asked Questions

About the company:
  • placeWhat is the current structure of the team?
    - Managing Director.
    - Strategic Advisor to the Managing Director.
    - Talent & Training Advisor to the Managing Director.
    - Technical Director.
    - Business Development Director.
    - Accountant.
    - Graphics Designer.
  • placeWho is the majority shareholder?
    Keenan Clarke.
  • placeIs NeoTripper a subsidiary of a parent company or part of a conglomerate?
  • placeWhat are the four main partners for NeoTripper?
    1. Franchisee - owner of a city.
    2. Vendor - owner of a place where travel customers visit and log in to WiFi.
    3. Commission Merchant - a tour or service provider with products that can be booked in NeoTripper.
    4. Non-Commission Merchant - a local place where travellers can.
About the franchisee-franchisor relationship:
  • placeDo I need to create a legal entity?
    - As a franchise owner, you may create a legal entity and incorporate NeoTripper Dubai in NeoTripper.
    - We want you to create partnerships with the local government and local tourism boards to remove barriers to entry.
  • placeHow long is the franchisee contract?
    The contract is 10 years, giving you time to plan and execute your long term vision.
  • placeWhat are the terms and conditions for both parties?
    - The franchisee has to be operational throughout.
    - They have to strive to hit the suggested targets
    - We, the franchisor, have to help you to hit those targets with our marketing efforts, advice and infrastructure.
  • placeWhat is in the training?
    The training is where you will learn the ins and outs of the platform.
  • placeWhat kind of advertisement will be made?
    - The franchisor will use various digital marketing channels and PR channels to increase brand awareness and visibility.
    - The franchisor will partner with large multi-national vendors.
    - The franchisee will advertise NeoTripper in their region however they see fit.
    - The franchisee will partner with local tourism offices and government offices.
  • placeRegarding the sponsorship cost of the WiFi coverage, will that be on the NeoTripper account or Franchisee account?
    - Franchisee will set the booking fee for each vendor.
    - The customer will pay the booking fee to the vendor as compensation for the free WiFi.
  • placeCan you provide a breakdown of payment procedure?
    - Payment (booking + booking fee) is processed by NeoTripper’s stripe account.
    - Stripe fees are deducted.
    - Commission is paid to:
    ○ Merchant.
    ○ Franchisee -> Franchisor.
    - Booking fee is paid to:
    ○ Vendor.
  • placeWhat about the taxation proceedure?
    - The franchisor will be taxed on earnings in the UK.
    - The franchisee will be taxed by their local government authority.
  • placeAs a franchisee where should I get taxed?
    Where you are personally registered.
  • placeWhat are the costs to the franchisee?
    - WiFi sponsorship - depending on the deal you close with the WiFi provider e.g. if a WiFi provider has 250 guests, you could propose $50 per month and $2.50 per booking. The £2.50 booking fee would be charged to the customer and would be sent directly to the WiFi provider, so you would only have to pay the monthly/ annual fee. Then you would take 20-30% commission from the total booking value i.e. £40 if the booking value was £200 and you took 20%.
    - Data lists - to help find advertisers, you could purchase data lists i.e. names, numbers, and emails of businesses in your territories. Depending on your territories this price could vary from £100-1,000.
    - Points of interest data (optional) - if you would like all of the free points of interest added to your city, you can purchase the points of interest data from Sygic Travel in your franchise portal at any time for £200.
    - Commission Agents - if you would like to access to tens of thousands of commission- only sales agents that can sell on your behalf for £1400.
    - Language Translations - if you would like translations with a less than 1% error rate then you can purchase translations form Gengo for £50 per translation.
  • placeWho will find the merchants / advertisers
    - This is the franchisee's responsibility.
    - Franchisees can purchase data lists and then do campaigns to sell to those potential advertisers.
  • placeDo I develop the ads or is that NeoTripper’s responsibility?
    - When the advertiser signs up and pays the fee, they will be given a merchant account for the merchant portal. When they get this merchant account, they will be able to enter the information for their advert and then it will appear in NeoTripper.
    - The franchisee can also edit, and remove adverts from their own admin portal.
  • placeWhat is included in the welcome pack?
    - Manuals.
    - Guidelines.
    - Demos.
    - Training materials.
About the technology:
  • placeWhat kind of data analytics will be included for the franchisee and what will be included for the vendor?
    ○ Gross revenue.
    ○ Net revenue.
    ○ Product purchases.
    ○ Trip inclusions.
    ○ Merchant performance.
    ○ Vendor performance.
    ○ Customer visits.
    ○ Other franchise statistics.

    ○ Net revenue.
    ○ Customer visits.
    ○ Most popular products.
    ○ Least popular products.

    Statistics and analytics can be subject to change though, so if a franchisee feels that they want to view other information then a request can simply be put in and it can be added.
  • placeHow is the connection subscription fee made (for non-commission merchants)?
    - All payments are made online via Stripe.
    - All payments can be made with your local currency.
  • placeHow are bookings are made?
    - All bookings are made in NeoTripper.
    - NeoTripper has its own booking engine.
    - Suppliers need to manually enter their services and products and availability for these products into NeoTripper directly once you have sent them an invite link from your console (refresher training is suggested).
    - Customers then book these products if they are available and then they are sent the confirmation.
    - The total transaction amount is held in Stripe for 3 days, in the case of refunds.
    - Suppliers are obliged to fulfil all booking requests so they must keep their availability up to date in their own console (see videos attached at bottom of email).
  • placeWho owns the WiFi?
    - The WiFi is owned by the vendor themselves. NeoTripper just enhances their WiFi.
    - You can also request to sell NeoTripper WiFi devices to vendors that don’t already have WiFi.
About operations:
  • placeWhat is the difference between a commission merchant and a non-commission merchant?
    Non-commission merchants are businesses that will advertise their services to our customers e.g.
    ○ Restaurants.
    ○ Bars.
    ○ Cafes.
    ○ Spas.
    ○ Hotels.
    ○ Boutique stores.
    ○ Souvenir shops.

    2. Commission merchants will be businesses that have services that will be booked in NeoTripper e.g.
    ○ Tours.
    ○ Activity admission fees.
    ○ Event admission fees.
    ○ Table bookings.
    ○ Restaurant deals.
    ○ Store vouchers.
  • placeIn what scanario would a franchisee create a vendor/WiFi sponsorship deal?
    ○ Local points of interest are added to
    ○ Commission merchants are signed up to
    ○ A deal with a hotel with 150 rooms is agreed at a cost of £30 per month and an additional £2.50 per booking to hotel to cover the cost of WiFi.
    ○ That hotel makes their homepage.
    ○ Start contacting and signing up non-commission merchants because you can guarantee around 150 potential customers per day.
    ○ 25 non-commission merchants sign up per month.
    ○ 30 guests make bookings for their entire trip worth on average £200 per day. ○ £1,200 commission is earned per day.
    ○ £960 commission is paid to franchisee.
    ○ 5-20% royalty is paid to franchisor.
    ○ Franchisee reinvests to sponsor more hotels and launch an email campaign to capture more local businesses.
    ○ Franchisor reinvests to increase brand awareness to ensure local businesses have already heard of NeoTripper and local travellers trust NeoTripper.
  • placeIf company which is non-vendor has 3 different seasonal services to advertise, what is the recommended action?
    They should sign up for a year, and they will be able to add multiple services as the seasons change, without having to pay anything extra.
  • placeIs it available to Franchisee to adjust prices and offers according to each cities standards?
    - Yes, you will be able to set your own prices according to each cities standards.
    - Where is the company registered?
  • placeWhy do hotels allow their guests to be redirected to the NeoTripper in-room destination hub?
    - Increase their revenue per available room because they are paid per booking. - Increase their guests satisfaction because guests are engaged by the challenges and they will find the best things to do easily.
    - Cover the cost of their guest WiFi because they are paid per booking.
    - Allow hotel concierge to focus and spend more time providing a higher quality service to guests.
  • placeHow much commission do you charge to service providers i.e. commission merchants?
    - The recommended commission fee for service, activity and tour providers is 30% commission.
    - The commission fee for each provider can be negotiated by you and you can change this from your console (see videos attached at bottom of email).
  • placeWhy will the user pay £2.50 and how is it paid to the vendor?
    - Just like we pay delivery fees when we order products online, and transaction fees when we book flights, we will pay £2.50 (or fee you set) for booking activities. The fee will be extremely small in proportion to the service fee and will cover the cost of WiFi.
    - Once you have set the rates for the vendor in your own console, the money is collected in Stripe and will be sent to the vendor automatically.
  • placeWhat materials are given out to help approach vendors?
    - Your own NeoTripper email address will be created as soon as you make the deposit.
    - You will also have a presentation that you can personalise and present to vendors and merchants.
    - You will also have demo videos that you can share with vendors and merchants.
    - You will also have access to all NeoTripper trademarks.
    - You will also have access to our business card templates.
  • placeHow does NeoTripper provides local relevance?
    - NeoTripper is location aware.
    - If you own Hanoi, and your vendors are in Hanoi, the visitors to the platform will only ever see challenges and activities relating to Hanoi.
    - When is being accessed from a hotel, the user will not see any other hotels that are listed as vendors; instead, they will see Experiences and things to do because they already have their accommodation sorted, and we don’t want to advertise another hotel on a partner hotels website.