Conquer Bangkok
Challenge 1

Can you describe the taste of Bangkok?

Challenge 2

Can you understand the culture?

Challenge 3

Can you cycle to the business district?

Challenge 4

Can you cycle in the City of Angels?

Challenge 5

Can you spend 4 days in the kingdom?

Challenge 6

Can you learn the origin of Bangkok?

Challenge 7

Can you discover the Old Big-Bell Temple?

Challenge 8

Can you cook 5 dishes?

Challenge 9

Can you cook by the Chao Phraya River?

Challenge 10

Can you enjoy an evening of eating and adventure?

Challenge 11

Can you create tempting culinary creations?

Challenge 12

Can you find romantic nightspots in the Old City?

Challenge 13

Can you master the art of fine Thai cooking?

Challenge 14

Can you cook with the freshest ingredients?

Challenge 15

Can you enjoy food tasting and a canal excursion?

Challenge 16

Can you enjoy a fantastic full-day bicycle tour?

Challenge 17

Can you row to the Fisherman Village?

Challenge 18

Can you cycle between coconut palms?

Challenge 19

Can you munch great authentic food?

Challenge 20

Can you create a delicious 4 course meal?

Challenge 21

Can you embrace the spirit of Bangkok?

Challenge 22

Can you resist the Ratanakosin Island?

Challenge 23

Can you learn from Chef Narain?